1. Negotiating Your Salary

    by , 2012-06-05 at 16:31
    If you are like many of our participants, you'll probably agree that your worst negotiating nightmare is not managing a commercial deal, but negotiating your own salary! Want to know why? We've canvassed the Scotwork Australia team to explore common traps in salary negotiations and to suggest some practical steps to help you get a better deal in your next performance and pay review.

    1. Be professional in preparation

    Your preparation for a performance or pay review should ...
  2. How to Compliant & Get Compensated?

    by , 2012-06-05 at 16:29
    As a keen golfer, I recently played a round of golf with my co-worker from Singapore in a golf course near Shenzhen. I started off with a wonderful game with a good caddy. A caddy is a person who assists you to play golf game, like giving you the golf club, giving tips and advices to play, finding your golf balls and so on. She gave me a lot of good tips about the golf course and good service. But, good things never lasted for very longer, and soon, my game became terrible after a few bad shots. ...
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