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My reply letter to CY Leung regarding his article on national anti-corruption work

Leo Cheung Hoi Wai
, 2018-03-13 at 17:16 (184 Views)
Dear Mr. Hon. CY Leung, Vice Chairman of CPPCC, former HKSAR CE,

In terms of international anti-corruption co-operation, collaboration and co-ordination work, of course we already have Chinese representative acting as the head of the Interpol right now to stregthen our global intelligence monitoring surveilance network against corruption criminals to transfer their illegal assets to overseas, as well as the detailed moves of all corruption suspects on the red wanted list and watch list. Yet, it will be much better if we could also link up the European supercomputer system Leonardo Da Vinci, the Middle East supercomputer system Aladdin, as well as the African, Southern American supercomputer systems, ideally connect with the American, British, Australian, Canadian, Indian and Russian supercomputer systems too, together with our own supercomputer systems Tin Hoi 1,2,3 in Canton as well as our fastest computational speed supercomputer system Shun Wei in Beijing to form a global mega supercomputer systems networking to keep tracking, analysing all big data using AI cloud computing parallel algorithms operating globally 24/7 non-stop so as to enable the rapid build up of our digital Belt & Road connectivity ASAP, apart from my previous suggestions to have our own Chinese version of Baido, Tencent, WeChat, Alibaba translate function to replace Google translate as well as our own AI simultaneous interpretation service providers to replace Siri, Alexa AI IoT system developed by Microsoft ASAP. I do understand it involves a lot of political mutual trust and national security concerns to each country, but the earlier we can make it happen in reality, the brighter our common prosperity, stability, security, safety and destiny prospects outlook we will be in future! So I do sincerely hope that you will consider, discuss, and follow up my ideas in details thoroughly with our national leaders in Beijing to make our anti-crime, anti-corruption nets much more tighter, stronger, safer, secured to make our Chinese people happier in next decades. Thank you!

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Leo Cheung Hoi Wai (張凱偉)
pro bono policy researcher & adviser

Below is the article of Mr. CY Leung:




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