Forum House Rules

All members of the Public Affairs Forum can freely exchange views on political affairs and public issues in Hong Kong in the “Discussion Room”, the “Free Discussion Zone” and the "Forum Blog" of the website. Members of the public may visit the Forum website to view the discussions in the “Free Discussion Zone” and the "Forum Blog".  A membership list containing the names and professional groupings of Forum members is also available on the Forum website for public viewing. Access to the “Discussion Room”, however, is restricted to Forum members and Government bureaux and departments. 

To facilitate a free and frank exchange of views, all Forum members are requested to keep all the views exchanged/expressed by members in the “Discussion Room” (“Confidential Information”) confidential. Forum members shall not disclose the Confidential Information to any persons who are not members of this Public Affairs Forum without the prior written consent of the Forum member who provides the Confidential Information.

Forum members should not post messages which contain any of the following –

  • Comments unrelated to the Forum topic;
  • Vulgar, indecent or obscene language;
  • Language that denigrates or insults any person or group by reference to the colour, race, religious belief, ethnic or national origin, disability, family status or gender of that person or group;
  • Personal attack, defamation or libel;
  • Personal information of a third party released in the absence of the party’s consent;
  • Advertisement or promotion; and
  • Materials (including texts, graphics, drawings and photographs) which may infringe intellectual property rights.


The Forum Manager reserves the right to remove or edit such messages at any time without giving prior notice. Users are also encouraged to report such messages to the Forum Manager by email:

For administration purpose, your IP address will be logged.